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It takes time, but I'm happy to announce that my first rerelease from Loose Id--Awakening the Alpha--is available now! It's been reedited and lengthened, and it hit #19 on the All Romance Best Seller list. The original version hit #10, so I'm thrilled that a new audience has been introduced to the "new and improved" version.

I'll also have releases from Man Love Romance (MlLR Press) and JMS Books, L.L.C. this fall. After my romances had only been published by Amber Quill Press for twelve years, it's like walking through a maze to get used to all the new rules for each new publisher. Keeps the mind alive, you know.

Loose-Id requested I add something about what it was like to be in a wolf pack as the new alpha, and I found some wonderful books on wolves and their behavior. There is also a book on the Yellowstone wolves and their re-introduction in 1995. Canadian gray wolves, Canis Lupus were used. Gray wolves come in many colors, and recent DNA test results indicate they are the only true wolf in the United States. Red and Eastern wolves are coyote-wolf hybrids, not pure wolves.



Carolina's book awakening the alphaAWAKENING THE ALPHA

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Blaze Canis is doing what he loves best. As a shooting range instructor just outside Yellowstone National Park, the former Navy SEAL sniper is still handling firearms. When Shoshone Native Logan Swift Rider walks into his target shooting class one morning, the attraction each man feels for the other is swift and magical. Since Blaze’s SEAL teammates never knew he was gay, let alone a werewolf, he’s confident his new lover need never know of his two natures.

Logan opens his heart and body to loving Blaze in the most intimate ways possible. When he learns what Blaze has hidden of himself, Logan is shattered. Although raised in both the white and Native worlds, it’s Logan’s Indian heritage that tells him he may have fallen for a witch, a skinwalker.

Can Blake convince Logan there’s no evil involved in what he is or will Logan remain convinced he’s been making love to a monster?

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Carolina's book avalanche AVALANCHE!

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After a serious crash in competition, ski patrol leader Seri Lohan, a Super G gold medalist, will never compete again. Chad Jenkins, next year’s hope for another downhill gold for the US, is seriously injured on Seri’s Lohan’s ski patrol watch, and she volunteers to take care of him. Years ago, Chad broke her heart. She’s determined not to let him do so again, but, trapped with him in a chalet by a blizzard, all the old sensual tensions and longings emerge. In his semi conscious state, he reaches for her. If she succumbs, what will it do to her relationship with the man who has asked her to marry him? What will it do to her heart?



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