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Carolina's book night train to veniceNIGHT TRAIN TO VENICE
Night Train Series #3
Release date: Oct. 7

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Someone is robbing and killing couriers of precious stones, and when Dante is picked for a delivery in Venice, Italy, he’s chosen because he’s Italian. Alexandros insists he and Malcolm, the other immortal on the staff of Global Diamond Couriers in Louisiana, accompany him as bodyguards. Dante is Alex’s hot, human lover.

In Rome, they board the restored Orient Express to Venice, and Malcolm is welcomed by a human steward, Nick. He’s forgotten they had a fling years earlier at the Midnight Vampire Ball in New Orleans. Once again, the hot, younger man revives their earlier whirlwind romance, but when Nick appears unannounced in their secret Venetian hotel, he’s sucked into a maelstrom of danger and deceit none of them may survive.


Carolina's book Tie 'em up, hold 'em downTIE 'EM UP, HOLD 'EM DOWN
ISBN: 9781634862295

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They knew it was dangerous to be gay in the all-male, macho world of firefighting, but when Dane Garrison and Robert "Bear" Barrington are stranded in a shack and forced to sleep together to keep warm, the barriers to expressing their love and satisfying their hidden lust for each other break down. Terrified for them both of being outed, Bear shuts Dane out of his life after their brief time together, as if their passion had never existed.

Dane, however, wants this man in his life forever. More aggressive and secure, he fights against Bear's resistance to their relationship.

How Dane will win, or if he will win, will seal their fate forever ...


Carolina's book night train to new orleans NIGHT TRAIN TO NEW ORLEANS
Night Train Series #2

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In New Orleans, the killer still stalks, and confusion and passion heat up the reunion of human and vampire lovers.

In this sequel to /Night Train To Naples,/confusion, danger and passion heat up the reunion of Italian diamond courier Dante Rocco and his once business rival, then lover--the vampire Alexandros Nicolaides. Alex has never wavered in what Dante means to him, but Dante arrives in New Orleans suddenly unsure of his feelings and the impulsive promise he'd made to leave Italy and move to America. In the historic richness of the French Quarter, Dante must decide how he really feels about Alex even as the powerful ruler of the Louisiana vampires complicates their lives, and Giacomo, an unstable vampire, arrives with their murders on his mind.

This work has been previously released.


Carolina's book amen to loveAMEN TO LOVE

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Dr. Bond Bergstrom fights to save the life of a man shot near the lakeside path where he jogs. Later, when the hospital where Bond works as chief of surgery learns the shooter attempted to kill him also, the board insists on assigning security protection to him 24/7 until the killer is caught.

Bond is furious with the decision. Former Navy SEALs, he argues, can protect themselves better than anyone in the world. Not so, counters former Delta Force operative Rory O’Shea. He’s the hot, sexy Irish-American who owns the agency providing the hospital’s routine security.

Bond grudgingly gives in, unaware that O’Shea has an ulterior motive in assigning himself to spend nights with the doctor as his personal bodyguard. Will O’Shea prove he has what it takes to satisfy Bond—both in and out of the bedroom?



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